This post will be based on the case study I used to generate leads 87 leads and sell a client’s property for €2,200,000.

  • Intro: 7DQ Method Big Result
  • 7DQ Method Overview
  • 7DQ Method  3-Steps
  • Step 1: Collect - Set 7DQ Method Ads to Generate Qualified Leads
    • Create your 7DQ Method style ad using Facebook leads ads
    • Pull your leads into your CRM and or Google Sheet
    • Send confirmation email + SMS to new leads, notifications to sales team
  • Step 2: Connect - Run Automated Email Marketing Nurture Campaigns 
    • Send automated emails with “Book a  Call” call to action
    • Send similar properties to segmented lists of leads + regular nurture newsletter-style emails 
    • Connect with leads who have taken action i.e. opened your emails, visited your website, downloaded brochures..
  • Step 3: Grow - Leverage Tools, Systems and People to Turn Existing Leads  Into New Customers
    • Get people to set appointments with leads already in your pipeline
    • Get tools to help you manage large databases of leads faster
    • Write authority-style blog post to attract super-qualified leads 
    • Expand on more media networks

Bonus Material:  I put together a free video training showing you exactly how to set up 7DQ Method ads to get you started or get you even more leads.

You can access it for free inside Free Agents Ads Mini Course

This strategy is not ideal for all real estate businesses.

It is designed for aggressive realtors who want a consistent AND scalable flow of qualified leads/sales. 

In fact, it’s the exact strategy we used to generate 87 qualified leads, sell a property for €2,200,000, and earn over €120k in commission revenue using one simple Facebook ad (you can use any traffic source for this strategy).

This is How We Did it:

The 7DQ Method: How To Get More Qualified Leads, Deals From People Already in Your Pipeline, Increase Your Commissions & Get Rid of Time Wasters For Good

Leads, leads, leads not all leads are created equal. Cheap leads are cheap leads and in the end, they cost more - not only in cash but in the ‘time currency’ as well.

Just as Ryan Serhant, a real estate broker who last year sold nearly $1.45 Billion in real estate, said:

 “Your number #1 as an agent is to generate leads”.

So you want to get qualified leads, or as qualified as you can get them. With that said, nothing beats an ads system which DIS-qualifies time wasters. 

Here’s what an example ad looks like:

(Example shows a Facebook ad. You can use the same method to get leads from virtually any ad network you want to use. For example. instead of FB lead ads you can use landing pages)

Ask any marketer or real estate agent how to get qualified leads, and they’ll tell you this:

  1. Don’t use Facebook (there are no quality leads there.)

  2. Make it easy for prospects to sign up (just get their name and email.)

  3. Do a generalistic ad with a median price (get as many cheap leads as you can get, the cheaper, the better)

That’s an old strategy from 2015 (if not older).

It’s so easy now for any potential leads to leave their details that many are abusing that fact.

So you get a bunch of  ‘cheap leads’ - people who never answer your phone or look at your emails - and it’s almost impossible to get a booked appointment.

Enter The 7-Step Disqualifier Method (7DQ Method):

The 3-Steps To Using “The 7DQ Method” To Get Qualified Leads That Convert Into Booked Appointments

There are three things to execute The 7DQ Method successfully.

1: Create your 7DQ Method style ad using Facebook lead ads (you can drive traffic from different ad networks, but I prefer Facebook lead ads because you don’t need a website and they are quick to set up)

2: Pull your leads into your CRM and/or Google Sheet (optional)

3: Send confirmation email + SMS to new leads and notifications to the sales team.

Below is a breakdown of how every part of the method works. But first, let me tell you what this has to do with disqualifying.

Have you ever seen an ad and then realized it was too long for you to read? 

And to get more info about the product, you had to answer questions and give your contact details; you knew you were gonna be called, and you didn't really want that?

People are, in essence, ‘lazy’; we want quick results, and shortcuts and we don't want to be bothered unless something is really of our interest. 

What you are doing here is using human behavior triggers to get rid of anyone who is not really interested in the property you are selling and can’t afford it.

Once you build this kind of ad, you will have hundreds/thousands of people interested in buying one or more of the properties on your list, which you can turn into booked appointments and sales for years to come.

Bonus: I put together a free video training showing you exactly how to set up 7DQ Method ads. You can access it for free inside Free Agents Ads Mini Course

Step 1: Create 7DQ Method Style Ads To Get Qualified Leads

7DQ Method stands for 7 DIS-Qualifiers.

So, the basics are simple - disqualify and get rid of potential time-wasters by making it very hard for them to get to you by seeing a specific type of ad and asking the right questions so you don’t waste your time with them.

Therefore by disqualifying them, you are qualifying them!

Each disqualifier serves a specific purpose, and when you use ALL seven of them, the 7DQ Method really works.

In the 7DQ Method, we use an ad for a specific property - not a generalistic ad. Why?

(example of generalistic ad)

(example of specific ad)

Because by doing that, you are already disqualifying people with the type of property.

They know precisely what you are selling; people contact you if they like the property.

Therefore you will save time, and money, because you will talk only to people interested in that property.

Here are the 7 disqualifiers you must have for the most qualified leads:

Disqualifier #1 - Location - Go as narrow as you can! So the first word in the ad is actually the city or neighbourhood, even the street, if possible. 

You don’t want anyone clicking if they don’t want to buy in that location (here, you disqualify people with location).

Just think a bit - why would you have anyone even looking at your ad unless your property is their desired area?

Disqualifier #2 - Price - Right after the location and the first sentence, you want to introduce the price, so people know it from the start. 

You don’t want anyone clicking the ad who cannot afford the property! (here, you are dis-qualifying with the price of the property)

I mean, do you really want to waste your precious time on a bunch of emails and calls just to say what the price of the property you are selling is?

Disqualifier #3 - Property features - Right under the price, you want to add how many bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens, etc., the property has. (normally features go under the price, in this ad, because first sentence was short, we left it above)

You don’t want anyone clicking the ad who thinks the price doesn’t match the property size/features! 

(here, you are dis-qualifying people with the property size/features)

Same as before - do you want to waste your precious time by giving out the basic features of the property.

Disqualifier #4 - Video/Slideshow/Grid Image - I’ll use a video with up to 20-25 photos that are up to 58sec long (this way, you can advertise on Instagram too). 

You don’t want anyone clicking the ad just to ask for ‘more photos’! (here you are disqualifying with the property images)

You want people to see as many property images as possible, so you can avoid wasting your time by sending out more photos.

If you use grid images, you can create them in online tools like Canva. 

You want to have 3-4 images in the grid - property from outside, living room, kitchen, pool, or garden (if applicable).

(example ad with slideshow)

(example ad)

Disqualifier #5 - Long Description- Put all the descriptions about the property you can find. 

Remember, most people are lazy, and if they are not genuinely interested in your property, they won’t read till the end and try to contact you. (here you are disqualifying with a long property description)

Dis-Qualifier #6 - Questions - People don’t like to give out their information - it takes time, and they might be skeptical.

So, unless they are really interested in your property, they will want to skip this step (here, you are disqualifying people with questions you want to know about the prospect).

i.e. "Are you currently renting or living in your home', "When are you ready to buy?", "Is there anything specific you are looking for in a property?", etc.

Disqualifier #7 - Phone Number - People don’t like to be called unless they are interested. Make it clear you are going to call them.

(If you are using a landing page, you can use phone verification to get the correct numbers.)

When you tell people that you will call them, they won’t give you their phone number if they are not genuinely interested.

Meaning they are time wasters (here you are disqualifying people by telling them you’re going to call them.)

And yes, some people will still give you their phone number and never answer. 

As a reminder, this is how the vast majority of real estate ads look like:

  • There is a short or almost NO description of the property…

  • Not enough property features…

  • NO price or Exact price…

  • A single image of the property (not even the one being sold)...

  • Agents ask just for name and email (most are outdated)...

This kind of ad brings poor quality leads because there is basically NOTHING that would qualify the lead.

Therefore, if you use a similar ad to this one - you only get poor-quality leads

You’ll lose a ton of time and nerves just by sending out all that information.

Not to mention, you’ll waste great deal of money on poorly qualified leads - people who just want more basic info about the property.

Why do that when you can disqualify them in the first place by giving them a lot more relevant and important information about the property?

So the ones who do contact you are really interested and won’t waste your time asking you about that basic information about the property?

What most think of as the ‘normal’ way is that you should create curiosity and not give people enough information so they ask you for more, i.e., Images, description, price, etc.

But what’s the purpose of that if the little information they get is incomplete?

This means that you create a pool of poor leads, which costs you time and money.

7DQ Method engages your prospects differently by giving them more information so that if they want even more - you know they are pre-qualified so as not to waste your time.

I can’t guarantee you’ll never have time wasters, but you’ll have a hell of a lot less of them with the 7DQ Method.


Please note: We have been using Facebook lead ads because they are fast to set up (20min), usually you get first leads within 12-24h, and you don’t need a website or landing page to start.

You could use any other traffic source and drive traffic back to your website or landing pages (need to be set up using the 7DQ Method) if you have a web developer who is fast and handy. 

The setup is much longer and more technical. In most cases, you need a web developer help depending on your tech skills.

With Facebook lead ads almost anyone can do it quickly with no prior knowledge or any tech skills.

Need an experienced media buyer to create 7DQ Method ad campaigns for you?

The fastest and easiest way to get new qualified leads is to create ad campaigns on Facebook.

For $499, you can get a Facebook campaign like this one created for you.

Your ads will follow The 7DQ Method to the tee. All you have to do is contact your leads to set appointments when they arrive in your inbox.

Pull your leads into your CRM and/or Google Sheets.

When it comes to lead generation, one of the key steps is to quickly transfer those leads to your CRM. 

This way, you can reach out to them and schedule appointments without any delay. There are a few options for doing this.

Some CRMs allow you to connect directly with your Facebook account.

But, if your CRM doesn't offer this option, you can use third-party tools like Zapier.

Zapier is a really useful tool as it connects Facebook lead ads with a ton of other apps and software.

This way, you can automate the lead transfer process and work more efficiently.

This is how we do it:

Send Confirmation Emails + SMS to New Leads and Notifications to The Sales Team

The aim here is this:

  • Add leads to your CRM - automatically.
  • As soon as a lead comes in, a 'welcome' email is instantly sent to confirm you got their expression of interest.
  • The SMS message is instantly sent to confirm you got their expression of interest (SMS readability is 98% vs. only 20% emails get opened and read) 
  • Add leads to a Google sheet (optional)
  • Send instant notification to the sales team and/or appointment setting team so they can start calling and booking appointments.

If your leads don't get confirmation messages, they will think something might be wrong.

That can result in them looking for more properties from your competitors, and you might lose them.

Also, it's essential to start building the relationship quickly. This way, you become a familiar person they know, and people buy from people they know and trust.

We use a CRM called ActiveCampaign to send out welcome emails, SMS messages, and nurture prospects.

Want to apply a successful email + SMS automation in your business?  

I’ve got many examples you can use in your business. See how we can train you and or your team to start using more automation.

Step 2: Connect - Run Automated Email Marketing Nurture Campaigns

Not that your database is getting filled with leads; in this step, you will learn how to connect with many leads while saving time.

Here is how you do it:

  • Send automated emails with a “Book a Call” call to action

  • Send similar properties to segmented lists of leads + regular nurture newsletter-style emails 

  • Connect with leads who have taken action i.e. opened your emails, visited your website, downloaded brochures.

As mentioned before - people buy from people they know and trust.

And one of the simplest and easiest ways to develop that relationship is through email.

Even if the emails are not opened, your leads will see your name in their inbox, so they will know who you are when you text them or call them.

The purpose is to educate your prospects about properties you are selling and about the buying and selling process by giving them good, valuable, and actionable info.

This is how our local agent did it - the lead came in for one property, but they bought another.

One study shows that 80% of people will buy a different property than they have enquired about initially.

Because they stayed in touch with the leads and sent other similar options - they bought a €2,200,000 property!

Send automated emails with a “Book a Call” call to action.

(example of automated email nurture sequence)

Only about 20% of emails get opened, so in the first 30-45 days, you want to send 2-3 emails weekly to get your leads to book a call.

Pro Tip #1: you only need a few follow-up emails. The CRM system can see if your prospects opened an email or not. So you can send them the same email but with a slightly different subject line if they don't open. The different subject line might spike their curiosity to open your email.

Your nurture sequence should be giving out more info about the property they have enquired about and have a link to your booking scheduling service.

All emails need to ask for action - "reply to this email," "click here to find out more," or "schedule your call."

Remember: only some things go through email - SMS messages and calls need to be sent to increase the chances of booking an appointment.

In many cases, 7-8 calls must be made before you get the appointment.

Pro tip #2: Send SMS text messages instead of only Whatsapp and email. The readability of SMS messages is 98%. This is because very few people send them, and because of it, they have high readability. 

Send Similar Properties To Segmented Lists Of Leads + Regular Nurture Newsletter-style Emails

Segmented Email Campaigns

Segment your leads based on the property style and budget they enquired about. 

This gives you a more unambiguous indication of what your potential clients want.

Sending everything to everyone results in fatigue. In addition, your prospects will stop reading your emails if you send them properties they don't want or can't buy.

You might have to send 4-5 segmented emails weekly, yet it will result in much higher open rates and chances of making a sale.

(Segmented, specific property example)

Remember: Your prospects sign up to get more info about one specific property! 

Maybe when they receive it, they realised it was not the one for them. 

This is why it's your job to keep on sending them similar deals.

Pro Tip #3: This is what most realtors don't do; they give up too quickly. It's how to re-ignite your list and get more deals from leads already in your pipeline. They need to learn about the properties you have listed - show them!

It is precisely how our local agent got that €120k commission - that prospect bought another property, different from the one that was advertised.

The agent was sending different properties and made a sale six months after.

What do you say? Not too shabby?

Newsletter Email Campaigns

Your newsletters should be sent to everyone. No need for segmentation.

They should consist of actual news or valuable info on things such as:

  • How to sell a property..

  • How to buy a property…

  • How to list a property…

  • Why you and not any other agent…

  • Mortgage calculators…

  • Do I need an architect?

  • Property checklists…

  • Buying a second home…

  • Buying an investment property…

  • Step-by-step guide to selling…

  • How to remortgage…

  • Stocklists…

  • Etc..

(newsletter email example)

The aim of newsletters is to educate and create trust and a sense of reciprocity.

People hate to lose, want the best deal, love to feel safe, and can only feel safe if they see you are an authority on the topic of real estate.

This is one of the easiest ways to do it - put what you know in your emails and your website.

Send at least one newsletter email campaign weekly.

For best results, send two to three segmented email campaigns weekly.

Connect With Leads Who Have Taken Action i.e. Opened Your Emails, Visited Your Website, Downloaded Brochures...

Instead of chasing every lead at once, first, focus on the ones who have taken some action.

Only some people open your emails, read them, download a brochure and click on your scheduling link.

Sho Kosugi Ninja Hack:

You can set automation when prospects from your database visit your website, or specific property page/s, to send out an automated follow-up message based on the number of their visits i.e. if a prospect visits a specific page with particular property six times or more > add ‘interested’ tag > start automation ‘send a follow-up email & SMS.

You want to know who they are and connect with them - call them, book an appointment, and send them more emails.

You can do that by tagging them - Your CRM can automatically add a tag depending on the action they took(see below.)

(in this example we who who clicked on book-a-call link and who downloaded ROI calculator)

These are the prospects you want to connect with first, and they are most likely to buy or sell.

Pro Tip #4: you want to use a CRM, which can track those actions; otherwise, you are in the dark and potentially wasting your precious time on dead leads. By knowing this, you can laser target your campaigns and know who to call or not, which results in more deals from people in your existing pipeline.

Want templates for automated email campaigns and the CRM we use?

I’ve put together a swipe file of various email marketing campaigns examples we’re using right now to get leads from a list of prospects generated with the 7DQ Method. We can train your team how to use and implement them.

Step #3 - Grow - How To Leverage Tools, Systems, And People To Turn New and Existing Leads Into New Customers 

If you want to grow your real estate business, you need to ‘multiply’ yourself. Here is how you do it:

  • Hire people to set appointments with leads already in your pipeline

  • Get tools to help you manage large databases of leads faster

  • Write an authority-style blog post to attract super-qualified leads & expand on more media networks 

  • Improve sales skills of your team for more conversions 

If your current database has 500+ leads or you are getting 50+ leads monthly, you need to deploy these strategies. If not, start with the strategies above first.

Leads need attention, attention takes time, more leads means more time and we only have 24 hours in a day.

It’s far easier, cheaper, and time effective to get more deals from your existing database than chasing new leads (like most do).

Get People To Set Appointments With Leads Already In Your Pipeline

Calling follow-ups take time, a lot of time. And they need to be done on time.

As a leading salesperson, you want to focus on attending booked appointments set by someone else.

Someone in your office can do this, or you can outsource that work to someone else.

Or you can hire and train someone else to join your team. 

This is absolutely essential, and it is one of the best investments you can ever make.

It is cheaper to pay someone $6-$8 per hour than you do it. You are paid more than that per hour, right?

You can train that employee to follow up using your system or script or anything you like to the tee, and they will be your extended hand.

Just imagine how many calls one person can make in one day by doing only that task.

Just imagine how many booked appointments that would result in.

These are the statistics from the company we use and recommend when clients work with us to run their real estate campaigns:

  1. 15% + Set Appointments on Facebook Leads, Google Ad's, Foreclose Ad's

  2. 38%+ Set Appointments on Zillow,

They will make more attempts to contact your leads, up to 15 touches or 26 in one year.

Plus, they can handle your Lead Response + Nurturing options + Live Transfers.

Again, they can do it for you, or you can hire them to help you find and train a person for your team.

Get Tools To Help You Manage Large Databases Of Leads Faster

Tools like software are here to make our life easier.

Yet it's easy to fall into the having 'too many' tools trap.

Here are the ones we work with and recommend:

  • WordPress to build your website (easy to learn and free)

  • Siteground hosting for your website (fastest and best support)
  • Webflow for your landing pages  (if you don't have a website, you can build a website too)
  • Aloware for your all-in-one cloud-based phone system.
  • Zapier automates your work across 5,000+ apps—so you can move forward, faster.
  • Power ISA for making calls and booked appointments.

With these tools, you can pretty much do what you want and handle large numbers of leads.

There are many different tools out there doing the same thing. 

Pick the one you like the most, just don't use two tools doing the same job.

Need help with choosing the best person and tool for your business?

The fastest way to scale booked appointments is to automate your work and find people to set appointments for you.

In many cases tools you use might not do the best job or you just need to point in the right direction to get the best use of your tools and the people you have already.

Get training, advice, and a strategic plan for the best use of people in your team and train them how to use tools you have or need so that you can build even better systems:

Write Authority-Style Blog Post To Attract Super-Qualified Leads & Expand On More Media Networks 

To execute this strategy, you have to have a website and blog attached to it.

What you want to write is a cca 3,000-word article showing and explaining your method of finding the best deals for buyers or getting the maximum dollar for sellers.

This way, you are showing why and how you are different from other realtors, and this post positions you as an expert.

Remember: as you know, people buy from people they know and trust.

By exhibiting the methods by which you conduct your business operations, you can foster a sense of confidence and assurance in those with whom you interact, thereby promoting a safer and more secure relationship

Then you need to promote that post and get as many eyes on it as possible.

Here is how to do it:

You can use Facebook and 7DQ method to drive traffic to your website and then retarget people who didn't sign-up as leads with your article to inspire trust.

Or you can drive traffic to your article, then retarget people who didn't ask for more information with 7DQ Method ads.

Here is the cool part:

You can use any traffic sources like Facebook, Google, YouTube, email, and native networks (which get your ads on large publications like CNN, Fast Company, Wired and other niche publications you can’t get access to with Google’s ad inventory.)

People have a low resistance to good-quality content, so you can get a lot of targeted traffic quickly.

Here is how we do it. Here are a couple of ninja tricks here:

Google, Youtube, and Facebook might take time to figure out how they work.

Or you need to learn how to do it or hire an agency to do it, which might be costly.

We use StackAdapt. These guys have almost all native networks plus display, audio, connected TV, in-game and video connected in their platform.

And they also help with set up, which makes running this campaign a breeze.

Pro Tip #5: People on native networks look for high-quality content, which almost automatically makes them better-quality leads when they sign-up on your website.

Case Study #1 - ThinkBDW Real Estate Success Story

Case Study #2 - Highnoon Real Estate Success Story

This way, you get a lot of quality traffic to your article, and all you have to do is to retarget on Facebook and Google (including the display and Youtube).

Retargeting campaigns are straightforward to set up, plus you need a small budget to run them.

Your potential clients will see you as THE realtor to work with.

How does this work so well?

With this strategy, you can quickly be EVERYWHERE!

You're retargeting a warm audience that has already visited your site or seen your ads.

First-time visitors may never have considered buying properties you are selling before. Now they will see your authority post everywhere they go online.

Using content to acquire leads at scale is an advanced strategy for flying under prospects' radars.

Need help with structuring your authority-style article and promoting it on Stackadapt and on other ad networks?

Let us audit your website, content and current ad campaigns and see how you could implement this strategy. We can connect you with Pro writers and run your ad campaigns.

Improve The Sales Skills Of Your Team For More Conversions

Now that you know how to get new leads and convert existing leads in your pipeline into booked appointments, you need to close them.

And sales are something almost anyone can improve.

Having the best to train you (if needed) and your team can easily double, triple your profits in less than a year.

Get some free resources here.

Agents who attend this training easily close 3x more deals than before in their first year. 

Some agents can close even more deals.

And more deals closed means you can ask for higher commissions.

Everyone wants to work with agents who can sell.

It's Your Turn

Every real estate business is built on consistent quality lead flow and sales. Sending a couple of follow-up emails, making a few calls, and then hoping for more sales isn't a strategy for growth.

Sure, it works to some point. But we found a more PREDICTABLE and SCALABLE solution.

With this The 7DQ Method, you can fill your pipeline with qualified leads and convert the existing ones in it (without wasting time on time wasters - you are disqualifying them with your ads, your emails, their actions, and your content).

Want to get more deals using the 7DQ Method?

The fastest and easiest way to grow your list of qualified buyers and sellers, get more deals from existing leads and grow your business is with 7DQ Method.

If you need help to implement 7DQ Method, train your team and grow your real estate business, then let’s talk…

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