Fast Leads Academy

Step-by-step video academy guide to get qualified real estate leads & booked appointments from Facebook - FAST!

Here is everything you're going to get/learn:

The 7-Step Disqualifier Method 

You will learn the 7-Step Disqualifier Method which disqualifies and gets rid of time-wasters, so you only talk to qualified leads…

Learn No #1 mistake 99.99% agents do - ‘rewire’ the way you see leads so you can avoid the same mistake, learn why you DON’T want free or cheap leads and how to get good, quality leads at very, very affordable rates…

The Setup

Complete Facebook Setup, Campaign Structure, Page, Lead Cost, Performance Numbers.

Step-by-step video guide how to create one simple style of ‘lazy ad’ which uses instinctive human behavior, their own subconscious mind, ‘against’ them to disqualify aka qualified themselves so you can only talk to people who are truly interested in properties you are selling and will answer your phone when you call them…

Learn how to outbid your competitors and get even more leads - an uncomplicated way to use Facebooks’ algorithm so you can get more leads than your competitors with same budget…

Over The Shoulder Videos

The 7-Step Disqualifier Method, Beginner + Advanced Setup - 'Look Over The Shoulder Videos'...

You'll also learn the simplest and easiest way to reduce your lead cost so you can double or triple the number of your qualified leads for the same budget …

Learn how, when, and why to run these kinds of ads so you can make adjustments in a minimal amount of time so you can have a lot more free time to spend with your friends & family...

How To Create Video/Slideshow & Winning Images

Learn how to create eye catching images in less than 2min using one FREE drag & drop online tool - zero experience needed!

Plus you get one winning template you can use over and over for all your properties. 

Forget about hiring graphic artists and save hundreds of dollars on their fees. 

Advanced Strategies To Get More Leads Faster + Whatsapp Leads

Don't like email? No problem!

Get your leads delivered straight to your Whatsapp messenger...

Get Leads On Local, National & International Markets

Learn how to get qualified leads and booked appointments regardless of your location. 

How To Stay On Top Of The Leads

Learn how to save time and automate leads delivery & notifications to you email and phone.

Simple yet powerful and very effective way to stay in touch with your leads even if you think you don't have time - stress-free!

Automation Templates

Get pre-written automation templates to help you save time and get booked appointment almost on autopilot.

Plus get 7 done-for-you automations you can simply import into your CRM.

Learn how to set up your appointment booking automation.

Coaching Support

Get 12 x weeks online coaching support. Weekly coaching calls to help you and 'hand hold you' throughout the whole process and make sure you leave no stone unturned.

This way getting qualified leads and booked appointments is 'guaranteed'.

100 Enriched Leads

Send us your lead names and emails and we will send you their all of their social profiles (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) any other email they use, phone numbers, etc.

This way you can reach them in many different ways and get that sale!

Bonuses & More...

Get time tested, proven 7 ad templates you can copy-paste for your campaigns in matter of minutes.

The "Callout" techniques used to hand pick and qualify your leads.

Need seller leads? Get 4x time tested ad templates to get qualified leads seller leads.

Learn how to create pro videos under 4min with zero experience.

Case Studies

Case Study #1 - How We Got 2x More Leads For Same Budget...

Case Study #2 - How We Got 7x More Leads For Same Budget...

Case Study #3 - How We Cut Down The Lead Cost for 600%...

Case Study #4 - How We Cut Down The Lead Cost for 300%...

Going Forward Strategy

What you need to do next and how to incrementally scale/increase the number of leads so you can grow your business without the stress and more free time on your hands to do what you love…

Fast Leads Academy $3,499

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